Zettagrid Blog Mitsubishi Motors Australia awards Cloud and Network Contract to Zettagrid

Mitsubishi Motors Australia awards Cloud and Network Contract to Zettagrid

01-Mar-2016 08:30:55 / by craig.guy

SYDNEY, 1 March 2016 - We are pleased to announce that Mitsubishi Motors Australia has awarded Zettagrid a three-year contract to supply cloud services and a national MPLS communications network.

The Zettagrid service provides Mitsubishi Motors Australia with the ability to scale their environment up or down throughout the duration of the contract through the use of the unique Zettagrid self-service portal. Mitsubishi Motors will also gain access to the latest release of VMware's NSX network virtualization technology which assists in the movement of networks into the cloud. Mitsubishi Motors national private network will also be upgraded with link speeds increasing by between 5 and 10 times.

"We're all about addressing complexity for our customers across Australia," said Nathan Harman, Managing Director of Zettagrid. "With our award-winning and scalable infrastructure services adding real value, Mitsubishi Motors can take advantage of the simplicity and automation of our cloud and integrated communications network."

Mark Tiddy, CIO of Mitsubishi Motors Australia, stated: “Combining our national network with Zettagrid’s cloud services is going to immediately realise benefits for us at Mitsubishi Motors as well as address a number of existing Telecommunications challenges. In addition, migrating to a VMware cloud really smooths the cloud transition process for our organisation because we are all VMware based.”

Zettagrid will deliver the IaaS cloud and network, while Mitsubishi Motors’ in-house IT team, along with their managed service provider, Vectra Corporation, will manage the operating and application layers.

About Misubishi Motors Australia


A top 10 Australian car brand, Mitsubishi Motors Australia imports a range of innovative, reliable and best value passenger cars, all-wheel drive SUVs and light commercial vehicles.

Mitsubishi Motors Australia is committed to providing customers with the utmost driving pleasure and safety throughout its vehicle range, from Mirage and Lancer passenger cars through to Mitsubishi’s city-friendly ASX and Outlander SUVs and genuine off-road Pajero Sport and Pajero four-wheel drives, along with the Triton light truck.

Mitsubishi Motors has a long history of automotive innovation, including clever all-wheel drive systems, and is a world leader in the development of cutting-edge electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle technologies. Mitsubishi produces the world’s first electric plug-in hybrid SUV, the Outlander PHEV.

Mitsubishi has 200 dealers nationally, which operate throughout Australia.

About Vectra Corporation


Vectra Corporation is one of Australia’s largest and most respected information technology companies providing information security and network related solutions to private, public and government organisations in Australia, Southeast Asia and the Subcontinent.

Vectra have had a relationship with Mitsubishi since 1995. Vectra maintained and operated the Mitsubishi Mainframe and Midrange Systems until 2012. Vectra took over the remainder of the LAN Support/WAN Support/Server Support/Desktop support in April 2015 and was awarded a 4 year extension to this deal in Jaunary 2016 which will see Vectra continue in this role until at least March 2020.

Vectra is a Premier Zettagrid Partner.

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