Zettagrid Blog WhitePaper: Comparing Disaster Recovery Concepts

WhitePaper: Comparing Disaster Recovery Concepts

14-Jun-2017 16:33:34 / by Elizabeth Bingham

“Everything not saved will be lost”

– Nintendo ‘Quit Screen’ message

Downtime for businesses is a real threat. In order to support corporate needs, IT managers are responsible for making sure information and applications are always available.

The Comparing Disaster Recover Concepts whitepaper compares traditional disaster recovery sites and approaches to data synchronisation with SecondSite™.

The DR solutions compared in this document include:

  • Recovery sites
  • Storage-based replication
  • Snapshot-based replication
  • Application-based replication, and
  • Backup / restore.

Find out what differentiates these DR solutions by downloading your copy of Comparing Disaster Recovery Concepts.

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