Zettagrid Blog Focusing on compliance with backup

Focusing on compliance with backup

06-Oct-2017 13:09:14 / by Liz Bingham

No matter what industry your business is in there is a level of compliance you need to meet. The growing number of Australian regulations governing the management, processing and secure storage of electronic information means data governance compliance is a legislated obligation for all modern organisations.

Compliance gives you a competitive advantage 

Data Governance Compliance should not only be a checklist an organisation completes on an annual basis to pass audit scrutiny. This vital process is key to business survival, and in some instances, could be turned into a competitive advantage. An innovative, low-cost and resilient data governance policy in conjunction with your disaster recovery plan can put you ahead of your competitors.

In today’s connected world downtime is unacceptable to your customers. Unavailability of any system could lead to revenue losses, reputational harm and opportunity costs very few organisations can afford. The ability to recover from an outage or disaster is key to the survival of any business. An essential part of that disaster recovery process is backups.

Backups keep businesses compliant

All businesses are expected to keep backups of their data. The organisation that can meet this obligation with greater efficiency and at a lower cost than its competitors, has a distinct advantage. With the propagation of the Internet and online services into every facet of business, technological innovation in the method, transfer and storage of backup data has matured into a market that offers compliant efficiency to any organisation.

Compliance is a journey towards accreditation

Many organisations comply with the legislative mandates around backups as the first step on a much larger journey to business continuity through systems high-availability. Adopting an industry standard such as ISO helps organisations demonstrate a proactive approach to risk mitigation through adherence to strict business continuity criteria. This accreditation offers a real competitive advantage by providing increased credibility to an organisation who is actively seeking to enter new markets or grow their existing customer base.

The ISO standards set for data protection include the implementation of proactive business continuity management systems that ensure key business processes are available in the event of a failure or disaster. By receiving the ISO accreditation, businesses can prove to potential customers that they have the capability to service their business no matter what may transpire.

Backups provide two key functions to any business

First and foremost, backups ensure the business can restore data in the event of a failure of their primary system. In addition, backups ensure organisations comply with legislation regarding the regulation and availability of information. This legislation is relevant to data that is kept on-premise as well as data that is stored in the cloud. The fact that your production data may be housed offsite on a cloud service does not meet compliance. You need to ensure the data is backed up no matter where it resides and is stored at an alternate location.

Backups are the last line of defense in a dangerous world

The threat landscape facing organisations today is constantly changing and new threats are unleashed or discovered on a regular basis. Organisations should discard their legacy defence models based on prevention and protection and adapt their threat mitigation solutions to ensure business continuity is complete and audit-proof no matter what danger they are exposed to.

For example, organisations that had robust and innovative business continuity platforms in place were far more resilient to the recent global ransomware pandemic than those that relied on backups alone. Needless to say, those with no backups were significantly affected.

Choose the right technology partner

Your backup solution should go beyond meeting compliance requirements. It should also enable you to meet the standards and controls set in the compliance framework or frameworks relevant to your business or industry. Your solution must give you the confidence that you can recover your business data quickly and efficiently when you need it.

Security is only a subset of the compliance requirement and it is vital organisations find a backup solution that can offer them uninterrupted availability of services.  Your business needs backup and disaster recovery to ensure the integrity of your business data. Continually testing the recoverability of your backups.

Zettagrid Backup makes it easy for Veeam customers to meet compliance requirements by extending their backup infrastructure to the cloud. This service provides you with the peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and available when you need it and may give you that competitive edge you have been looking for.

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