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How businesses benefit from VMware vCloud platform

10-Oct-2017 14:49:49 / by Liz Bingham

With Zettagrid Virtual Data Centre, you get more control over your cloud. Our efficient management environment is built on VMware’s vCloud platform, which enables you to tailor a secure solution based on your needs.

VMware vCloud Suite is a unified offering which consists of vSphere Hypervisor and VMware vRealize Suite.

VMware’s vRealize Suite is hybrid cloud management solution which gives you the ability to manage multi-vendor public, private and hybrid cloud platforms. VMware vCloud Suite is a complete cloud management solution that allows you to manage both vSphere on-premises private clouds and a host of other multi-vendor hybrid clouds from a single management platform.

Businesses with a local VMware environment can fully integrate with Zettagrid Virtual Data Centre as a result, enabling a single local management console which is simple and efficient.

Here are a series of benefits businesses can gain from VMware’s vCloud platform.

The benefits of VMware vCloud

1. Reduced costs

Due to its single management platform, VMware vCloud enables standardisation and consolidation of VMs across data centres.

This benefit provides significant cost savings as you have the insight and ability to reduce the number of VMs in an environment. In addition, vCloud’s vRealize component enables you to set up a private cloud on a multi-vendor platform which results in a substantial reduction in cost when compared to setting up your own computing infrastructure.

2. Increased agility

In today’s disruptive world where being first is better than being the best, IT’s ability to respond swiftly to business requirements and deliver a working solution is the key to success in many industries.

Gone are the days when business was willing to wait months for their new app or enhancement. Business expects super agility from IT and IT needs to respond to this requirement. VMware vCloud gives you the ability to get access to infrastructure, applications and full IT services in the fastest time possible. No more waiting for physical hardware delivery, configuration, setup, installation, and configuration.

What once took weeks can now be done in a matter of hours.

3. Increased availability

VMware vCloud suite gives organisations a better uptime advantage as downtime risk is mitigated.

Redundancy through backup and migration is built into the platform which ensures high-availability during disaster recovery and planned migration scenarios.

4. Improved security

The scale of VMware vCloud allows it to provide best in class security for your IT assets. Due to economies of scale cloud platforms are able to procure and implement highly effective security technologies and processes.

A single organisation implementing similar security measures on its own would need to do so at a high cost which would not deliver the required ROI to the business.

5. Efficient capacity management

VMware vCloud Suite provides smart alerts that help system administrators identify VMs that have been idle over a set threshold. This smart alerting which would enable you to switch off VMs that are not in use and can reduce costs substantially in Zettagrid’s pay-for-what-you-use cost model.

6. Better monitoring

vCloud can identify any IT service related incident in real time providing you with the ability to quickly resolve the issue before it detrimentally impacts service delivery.

A central monitoring location also gives you a holistic view of your entire IT infrastructure and service catalogue. This makes the management of IT environments simple, clean and efficient. 


With so many real business benefits it is clear that VMware vCloud Suite is built for businesses that wish to operate with increased agility, efficiency, and stability.

Find out more about how to optimise your business’s cloud experience with Virtual Data Centre (VDC)powered by VMware.

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