Zettagrid Blog Should Cloud Providers Guarantee Data Ownership?

Should Cloud Providers Guarantee Data Ownership?

26-Sep-2017 10:52:21 / by Liz Bingham

When you pay your cloud service provider to store your data, the assumption is that your content is fully secure. It may be well protected from hackers but what about from the cloud vendors’ interests? Do providers have the right to go in and use your data – or to allow other organisations, such as government agencies, to access your data? 

Data should always remain the exclusive property of the customer when using cloud services. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Find out how you can ensure your data isn’t just secure but also remains fully within your control. 

Check the terms of your cloud services agreement 

The more sophisticated cloud vendors today are ensuring the wording in their service agreement clearly affirms your exclusive ownership.  

With some users expressing concern over data rights and ownership, the more long-established vendors have revised their Terms and Conditions in order to eliminate any questions or concerns. 

There should be language that explicitly outlines your full rights and data ownership for your cloud data.  

Aside from ownership, also look for wording that states the actual results of any data processing that occurs on the cloud providers system is also solely yours.  

Finally, it’s important to have the limitations of what the cloud provider can do with your data clearly outlined. A cloud vendor should not be able to mine your data, for example. 

Avoid having your hands tied with your cloud storage 

It’s also important to be wary of locking yourself into a contract.  

There’s always the possibility you’ll want to switch vendors or move your data back in-house. Zettagrid stands by a non-binding cloud computing philosophy. We don’t use a lock-in contract, but rather, rely on keeping our customers happy with high quality cloud services to keep them around. 

If you do sign a contract with your cloud vendor, make sure there is a simple, efficient way out.  

Look for a clear description of how your data will be returned, the time frame, and if you will have to incur any costs.  

Even with a no-contract service, check the Terms and Conditions wording carefully to ensure your vendor won’t have access to your data when you are ready to move on. 

The idea behind cloud storage is to empower your business with managed, secure, scalable data storage.  

The last thing you want is to give your organisation one more thing to worry about. When you are choosing your cloud service provider, make sure you aren’t giving up any control of your data in exchange for taking advantage of the benefits. And, research your options. 

Find out more about how to optimise your business’s cloud storage experience with Virtual Data Centre (VDC). 


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