Top 10 Features you Need from your Cloud Provider

21-Sep-2017 09:05:00 / by Liz Bingham posted in Business Continuity, Australia, Blog, Cloud, Cloud provider, Cross Cloud, VMware, Data, Data Centre

Cloud-based services can increase the efficiency of your business operations, improve cash flow and bring many other benefits. There’s no doubt about its capabilities and advantages. However, did you know that cloud service providers differ in their approach to data security and use of technology? These differences may seem minor at first, but they could have an enormous impact on the...

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Why Is Data Sovereignty So Important?

14-Sep-2017 10:11:00 / by Liz Bingham posted in Australia, Blog, Cloud, Cross Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, IaaS, Disaster Recovery, Data, Data Centre

You may not have thought much about it, but the data you store in the cloud is as valuable - perhaps more so - as the money you keep in your bank. What if the bank took your money - money you thought was staying in Australia - and put it into a foreign bank? What if the political situation changed in that country, and the government took possession of that money? With data storage, that’s exactly...

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Announcing SecondSite™ Interzone - DR replication for our cloud customers

19-Jul-2017 11:57:25 / by Elizabeth Bingham posted in availability, Australia, australian first, Blog, business security solution, Cloud, Cloud provider, Cross Cloud, Disaster recovery as a service, media, network, Networking, News, NSX, Virtual Data Centre, VMware, Zettagrid, Disaster Recovery, DRaaS, SecondSite, Zerto, Data Centre, zone

We’ve launched new features for SecondSite™, our real-time disaster recovery replication solution built on the award-winning Zerto platform. We’ve expanded our innovative DR product to provide more choice when it comes to replication and recovery for our cloud customers, with SecondSite™ Interzone. Going beyond replicating virtualised IT environments from on-premise into Zettagrid cloud,...

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