MyAccount Release 66 (Floreat) Notes

29-Oct-2020 21:55:22

Summary Release 66 (Floreat) provides the first of several major enhancements to our MyAccount Portal. Here is the full list of features. Updated MyAccount Navigation to include additional services Refinement of MyAcount UI to improve user experience consistency Calatog Page Simplification Improved Cart Layout vCenter 6.7 Provisioning Support MyAccount Performance Improvements Multi-currency...}

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MyAccount Release 65 (Eagle Bay) Notes

30-Sep-2020 14:14:14

Summary Release 65 (Eagle Bay) provides major features for our Singapore customers. This release now allows Singapore customers to select SGD as their base currency for all pricing and payment. Here is the full list of features. Singapore Dollar Accounts can sign up an account to be charged in Singapore Dollars. Promo codes and pricing in Singapore Dollars. Top-Up credits now available in...}

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MyAccount Release 64 (Dynamite Bay) Notes

12-Aug-2020 12:35:48

Summary Cool Archive Storage - New storage tiers for Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and VDC Backup Multi-currency Preparation - preparing ordering, payment, and price display for supporting multiple currencies User Management - Customers can manage their own myaccount users New User management - users can add, update, manage security, and remove account users Cool Archive Storage - New storage tiers...}

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MyAccount Release 63 (Castle Bay) Notes

02-Jul-2020 11:10:26

See below for the release notes for Release 63 (Castle Bay) Improvements Singapore Zone Pricing - Our Singapore zone now has different pricing in the MyAccount catalog compared to other zones to reflect the pricing in that market. Password Security - VMware and Veeam passwords are no longer stored in MyAccount to improve security. You can now reset passwords and a reset email will be sent to you....}

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MyAccount Release 62 (Bunker Bay) Notes

07-May-2020 15:07:51

See below for the release notes for Release 62 Improvements 2-Step Authentication Support   MyAccount NSX Network functionality removed. This functionality is now available in VMware Cloud Director Geolocation will now set the default zone to user's location when purchasing a new service NSX - Advanged Edge Quad-Large Firewall is now available to purchase Changes Account: Change VDC manage link...}

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MyAccount Relase 61 (Abrolhos) Notes

05-Feb-2020 12:51:42

See below for the public release notes for Release 61 Improvements Improved Password Retrieval System Improved Validation on adding zero licence to cart VPS console now opens in a new tab Automated Volume Discounting Ability to create new cart when editing a saved order Bugs/Fixes Veeam Replication Catalog Page new failed over boostrap card container Resizing VDC allows zero Internet Traffic...}

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Hey, we think you're pretty awesome

15-Feb-2017 13:08:15

  That's why we're increasing all VPS and VDC Internet Data Quota by five times at no extra charge! As of March 1, 2017 you'll be able to serve more content to your customers, download more updates and even add more ISO’s to your online catalogue. If you had 100GB quota you will now have 500GB. If you have 1TB you will now have 5TB. In addition, all excess charges will be lowered from 14c/GB to...}

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