Zettagrid Blog 10 reasons why Zettagrid SecondSite is in a league of its own

10 reasons why Zettagrid SecondSite is in a league of its own

09-Jan-2018 15:32:37 / by Liz Bingham

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Zettagrid SecondSite is most powerful and affordable real-time disaster recovery replication solution in Australia, built on the award-winning Zerto platform. It truly is in a league of its own.

Built and operated in Australia by Australians, SecondSite offers secondary recovery sites, data synchronisation and accessibility for your virtual environments. It’s affordable and scalable which makes it a reliable data protection and high availability solution for small businesses as well as large enterprises.

SecondSite is an innovative, hypervisor-based replication technology for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. It delivers a true enterprise-class, virtual-aware, complete business continuity and disaster recovery solution for all virtualised applications which require protection.

Here are ten key reasons why Zettagrid SecondSite is in a league of its own.

1. SecondSite is platform agnostic

Zettagrid SecondSite is both storage and hypervisor agnostic. This means you can protect your current virtual environments no matter which major platform you are on. Being platform agnostic means vendor platform lock-in is not an issue now or in the future, as you have the capability and agility to evolve your IT infrastructure as you see fit.


2. SecondSite delivers consolidated simplicity

You can backup and replicate VMware vSphere as well as Microsoft Hyper-V. This allows you to consolidate on a single platform and migrate virtual machines during production hours. Zettagrid SecondSite ensures your critical services remain available while you migrate your virtual machines to consolidate and gain efficiencies.


3. SecondSite was created for virtualisation

As Zettagrid SecondSite is hypervisor-based, integration into your virtual environment is simple and seamless. In addition, SecondSite uses hypervisor technology so it can scale, protect and recover thousands of VMs with ease and simplicity.


4. SecondSite enables high availability

High availability is the cornerstone of the Zettagrid SecondSite platform. Any form of service interruption can be resolved in seconds due to continuous replication of VM block-level changes. SecondSite also accomplishes high-availability with no snapshots which simplifies the management and maintenance of the solution over time.


5. SecondSite can be managed from anywhere 

Zettagrid SecondSite provides administrators with the ability to securely monitor and protect their virtual environments from anywhere and at any time. Whether a desktop, laptop or on a mobile while on the go, SecondSite delivers the rich functionality you need to operate effectively from anywhere.


6. SecondSite features single-click restores

Automation is another cornerstone of the Zettagrid SecondSite solution. Not only does automation save you time by seamlessly managing repetitive tasks ensuring your environment is protected around the clock, individual applications or entire sites can be recovered in minutes utilising a one-click restore process.


7. SecondSite features granularity 

Zettagrid SecondSite offers continuous replication. You are therefore able to rewind and recover virtual machines and applications to any point in time. This granularity gives you options when disaster strikes as you have the ability to recover rapidly with very little downtime or data loss.


8. SecondSite enables rapid rile recovery 

Unlike many other virtualisation based data protection solutions, which only backup virtual machine images, Zettagrid SecondSite offers you the ability to recover files or folders within virtual machines. Continuous replication means you can recover to a point a few seconds before any incident. This translates to very little downtime for your organisation should a file deletion, data corruption or a security incident such as a ransomware attack occur.


9. SecondSite delivers compliance 

Governance, Risk, and Compliance are critical business necessities over and above the mandatory audit requirements. Zettagrid SecondSite offers zero impact failover testing with reporting incorporated. You can now do your restore testing during working hours with no impact to your IT services and restores only take a few minutes to complete.


10. SecondSite future proofs your business 

Businesses do not like to be cornered or expend financial resources on technology which reaches the end of life before they can extract true value from it. SecondSite is cloud-ready and easily integrates with the current leading public cloud service providers with industry-leading recovery time and recovery point objectives. In addition, when you subscribe to Zettagrid there are no contracts to tie you in, so you can choose to leave the service at any point in time. Zettagrid, therefore, provides you with financial freedom and cutting-edge technology integration practices to ensure your solution is future proof.


Want to see how SecondSite is the right DR solution for businesses of all sizes?

Discover the power of SecondSite

  $99 per VM (up to 1TB in size) per month *NO lock-in contracts

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