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Experience Zettagrid at no cost

04-Apr-2018 13:11:43 / by Simon Dixon posted in vCloud Director, always-on, digitalworkspace, Virtual Data Centre, VMware

We believe that Zettagrid is Australia’s most advanced self-service VMware cloud hosting platform that’s easy to use, super scalable and highly available. With Zettagrid offering world-leading solutions ranging from business security to application hosting, you get more control with powerful solutions that are tailored to your needs. Did you know we offer a 30-day free trial on our services? Why...

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Zettagrid - We’re all about automation

27-Mar-2018 08:59:52 / by Simon Dixon posted in vCloud Director, digitalworkspace, cloud computing, Availability Zone, VMware, Virtual Data Centre

An automated IT environment is a mature environment IT sophistication in an organisation progresses through different levels as technology, people and process mature. The end goal of a mature IT operations organisation is managing an environment where platforms are standardised, applications and services are consolidated and rationalised and as many processes are as automated as possible. There...

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How to monitor your infrastructure with real-time metrics

09-Mar-2018 08:28:11 / by Simon Dixon posted in vCloud Director, ExperienceAvailability, mobility, virtualisation, VMware, Virtual Data Centre

Proactive IT environment monitoring is essential in an online world where business success is equal to system uptime. Proactive monitoring means improved availability. Organisations need to monitor their IT environments to ensure they are running optimally and identify any issues which could cause a failure down the line. In addition, IT environment health monitoring gives organisations the peace...

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How scalable licensing and infrastructure benefits your business

28-Feb-2018 15:31:40 / by Simon Dixon

How scalable licensing and infrastructure benefits your business