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How to back up your VDC simply with Zettagrid

12-Sep-2018 10:30:13 / by Nicki Pereira

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Why we need to backup

In a world where all information is stored electronically, it is critical to have duplicate copies of your most important data safely and securely stored in a remote location.

The data an entity creates is unique and irreplaceable. If a server should fail, one can replace the hardware and reinstall the operating system and all the relevant applications. However, the data which was created can only be restored if it was backed up and stored securely.


The history of backup scopes

Conventional backup solutions, which were created before hardware virtualisation became a mainstream technology, traditionally backed up files or folders on a machine’s file system.

Innovative solutions needed to be developed to solve the complex challenges organisations faced when backing up multifaceted data types such as databases and mail server transaction data stores and solve the obstacles faced when trying to backup files which were still in use.

While useful, these backup solutions lacked the ability to backup and restore an entire server. When hardware virtualisation replaced traditional physical system as the primary infrastructure of modern data centres, thanks to pioneering and innovative solutions created by VMware, a new generation of back up was born, the ability to quickly and easily backup and restore entire servers.


Zettagrid backup options

Zettagrid is Australia’s most advanced self-service cloud infrastructure platform and is built on industry-leading innovative cloud solutions powered by VMware.

In addition to providing virtual machines and virtual data centre services, Zettagrid also offers a number of virtualisation based backup solutions which include Veeam Backup and Veeam Replication.

These solutions are purpose-built for VMware virtual environments and give customers the ability to backup and restore their critical VMware virtual infrastructure, be it on-premise or in the cloud, quickly and efficiently.

Veeam Backup

Veeam Backup enables Zettagrid customers to safely back up their primary VMware IT infrastructure to the Zettagrid cloud. In addition, if customers are running Veeam Availability Suite on their local private on-premise VMware cloud infrastructure they can simply and easily select Zettagrid as a target for offsite backups.

Zettagrid has configured their Veeam backup service to be as simple as possible. Setup is effortless and within minutes of signing up, you can start using this service. There is no contract and you pay a low fee per virtual machine and storage utilised.

Using Zettagrid as your Veeam backup provider also comes bundled with free data transfer. Customers using this service will incur no data transfer charges to or from the Zettagrid cloud, so customers have the freedom to backup and restore as much as they like.

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