Zettagrid Blog Important Partner Update: Continued VMware Hosting with Zettagrid

Important Partner Update: Continued VMware Hosting with Zettagrid

01-Feb-2024 17:28:00 / by Nicholas Power

In late December 2023, Broadcom Inc successfully acquired VMware, leading to significant changes in the VMware product landscape, reseller and cloud hosting programs. This acquisition has resulted in a streamlined approach, with all perpetual licensing transitioning to a subscription model. Additionally, there are now new limitations on who can sell VMware licenses and host VMware workloads.


If you are a VMware partner, your VMware Reseller agreement terminates on 4th February 4th. Active resellers will be invited into the new Broadcom Advantage Partner Program. If you are a VMware Cloud Hosting Provider (VCSP) your agreement terminates on the 30th April 2024. VCSPs will need to be invited into the Broadcom Advantage Program for VMware Cloud Hosting Providers or work with an invited Partner in order to be able to continue to offer a VMware cloud service. Please refer to our Technology Partner Tier on our Partner Program page if you are a VCSP who would like to continue to hosting VMware.

If you are a direct VMware customer currently operating a VMware environment on-premises or with another hosting provider, it is highly likely that you will be affected by these changes, please discuss this situation with your MSP.

At Zettagrid, we understand the challenges VMware partners may face during this transition. We are here to provide you with a seamless pathway to both transact VMware licenses and host your VMware workloads once the new Broadcom program commences.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our team to discuss how we can assist you during this period of change. 

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