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Broadcom by VMware White Label Offer

30-Apr-2024 16:31:00 / by Nicholas Power


Broadcom_VMware-CSP_Premier_ZG_0In late December 2023, Broadcom Inc completed their acquisition of VMware, leading to significant changes in the VMware product landscape, reseller and cloud hosting programs. This acquisition has resulted in a new approach, with all perpetual licensing transitioning to a subscription model. Additionally, there are now new limitations on who can sell VMware licenses and host VMware workloads.

If you were a VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP) partner your agreement terminated on the 30th April 2024. (Your last usage period concluded on the 31st March with usage reporting in April). VCCP Partners are required to be invited into the Broadcom Advantage Program for VMware Cloud Service Providers (VCSP) or work with an invited Partner in order to be able to continue to offer a VMware cloud service after 31st March 2024.

Zettagrid was accepted as a Premier Partner in the Broadcom Advantage Partner Program for VMware Cloud Service Providers which allows us to provider a white label solution to VMware hosting providers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Indonesia. 

Why Choose Zettagrid for White Labelling VMware?

  • Zettagrid is a channel only provider. We are not an MSP.
  • We have a mature channel model with over 400 channel partners.
  • We have a strict non-compete with our partners.
  • Our channel partners always own the customer relationship and billing.

Zettagrid White Label Feature Summary

For those partners wanting to continue offering VMware hosting services, Zettagrid offers the option to purchase VMware core licenses using the VMware Usage Meter for reporting. Our Technology Partner tier offers:

  • Minimum CPU core commits from 128 cores.
  • Minimum term commits from 1 month.
  • VMware Support Escalation.
  • License Optimisation Service.
  • Increasing discounts dependent on CPU core commits and term commitments.

Important Dates

It is important that you are aware of the following milestones:

 Milestone Date
 Final VCCP (vRAM) Usage 31-Mar-2024
 New Broadcom VCSP (Core) Program Usage 1-Apr-2024
 End of VMware VCCP Support 1-Apr-2024
 Final VCCP Reporting (for March Usage) 5-Apr-2024
 VCCP Program Termination 30-Apr-2024
 VMware Commerce Portal Shutdown 24-Apr-2024
 VMware Partner Portal Shutdown 30-Apr-2024
 Deadline for White Label-Registered Partner Selection 30-Apr-2024
 Deadline for notification of licensing intention to Broadcom  31-May-2024

If you have any questions about these timelines please contact sales@zettagrid.com.

Please be aware of the following actions that are required to be onboarded to the Zettagrid Broadcom White Label program:

  1. Accept Broadcom Registered Partner Invite (Sent 15/16th March)
  2. Review and Sign Zettagrid Technology Partner Agreement + Service Description + Service Order
  3. Complete the Account Creation Form
  4. Zettagrid Usage Meter Enablement and Support Onboarding

To enroll in the Zettagrid White Label Program please contact sales@zettagrid.com.

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