Zettagrid Blog MyAccount Release 63 (Castle Bay) Notes

MyAccount Release 63 (Castle Bay) Notes

02-Jul-2020 11:10:26 / by Nicholas Power

See below for the release notes for Release 63 (Castle Bay)


  • Singapore Zone Pricing - Our Singapore zone now has different pricing in the MyAccount catalog compared to other zones to reflect the pricing in that market.
  • Password Security - VMware and Veeam passwords are no longer stored in MyAccount to improve security. You can now reset passwords and a reset email will be sent to you.
  • Email Notices - emails will now be sent to the account owner when you reset your password or change 2FA settings.
  • User Logins - we are implementing a stage approach to allowing user login administration. In this release you can now view all the user logins associated with the account. In future releases you will be able to add/remove user logins.  
  • General UI Improvements - Profile Page (User Management), Security 


  • 2FA Label customisation - You can now customise the label when adding 2FA to your Authenticator App
  • Only enable VPS & VM in VDC console button if status is PoweredOn
  • VCCR service details page: Add units to failover resources display
  • Introduce a small icon to copy username in the nav bar header
  • Adjust labels on login pop-up when re-authenticating

Upcoming Improvements and Features

  • Cool Archive Storage Tier
  • Veeam Recycle Bin / Insider Protection
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