Zettagrid Blog MyAccount Release 64 (Dynamite Bay) Notes

MyAccount Release 64 (Dynamite Bay) Notes

12-Aug-2020 12:35:48 / by Nicholas Power


  • Cool Archive Storage - New storage tiers for Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and VDC Backup
  • Multi-currency Preparation - preparing ordering, payment, and price display for supporting multiple currencies
  • User Management - Customers can manage their own myaccount users



  • Make zone selection layout consistent in Catalog
  • Allow partner code to accept new Account ID format
  • Allow customers to retry failed provisioning
  • Make names for RAM and Traffic consistent throughout MyAccount

Bug Fixes

  • Veeam Replication: prevent removing IPs from non-standard services when details are changed
  • Image Archive: Use VM ID for listing VM usage to prevent errors when customers change name of VM
  • Correct navigation options after rebuilding
  • Prevent MyAccount errors where subscription has had custom updates
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