Zettagrid Blog MyAccount Release 70 (Jurien) Notes

MyAccount Release 70 (Jurien) Notes

07-Jul-2022 13:46:41 / by Nicholas Power




Release 70 (Jurien) provides several major enhancements to the Zettagrid MyAccount Portal, specifically the display of Virtual Data Centres. Here is the full list of new features.


  • Service Details Display Refresh - new layout, more relevant information, more info about VMs in VDC display including power, disk allocation, backup & replication status, and VMWare tools.
  • Improved Indonesian Address Handling
  • Allow VDCs to have multiple "Windows VDC Licences"
  • Subscription Contract Display in MyAccount (for Network services)
  • Improved non-cloud service type subscription display (AUS only)
  • Preparation to Support for NSX-T Edges & NSX-V to NSX-T Migration
  • Vendor Upgrades (vCloud, Veeam, VCDA)
    • Support Upgrade to VCloud 10.3.3
    • Support Upgrade to Veeam 11a


Bug Fixes
  • Allow VPS management actions after cancellation is scheduled
  • Fix logic error in SecondSite and VPS disk provisioning
  • Shopping Cart: VDCB & VCC bug: Storage allowed to be set to zero at resize



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