Zettagrid Blog MyAccount Release 74 (Naturaliste) Notes

MyAccount Release 74 (Naturaliste) Notes

12-Apr-2023 17:47:04 / by Nicholas Power

Release 74 is specifically designed for Partners. Several of the new features are ideal if you manage multiple customer accounts and also if you want to give limited access to end customers to login to their account.

New Features

  • Added Support for Parent/Child Accounts (aka Partners/Customers).
    • Accounts now display the Parent Account and Partner Tier in MyAccount.
    • Customers can choose their Parent and request a change to their Parent account
  • Partners can request change to Partner tier in MyAccount. 
  • Partners can create Child accounts (Customers) from MyAccount.
  • Customers can change roles of their own MyAccount users.
  • Support New VPS OS options: Windows 2022, Rocky Server 9, Debian 10 & 11, Ubuntu 20 and 22.
  • Support upgrade to Veeam 12.
  • MyAccount Users can be created with specific roles.
  • Support and show correct details for Legacy Network products (External Network, Direct Network) after migration to NSX-T environment.
  • Improve performance of VM list retrieval to make it performant when there are many restore points available for VMs.
  • Increase timeouts to handle slow response from Veeam APIs and Veeam Org creation.
  • Support configurable options for usernames for VPS OS options
  • Correctly handle 100-based and 1024-based units for traffic in MyAccount.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix popup bug on SecondSite Details page
  • Fix Metrics API error
  • Fix display of Image Archive Automated Backups Toggle
  • Make VDC resize ignore the provider threshold for IP addresses.
  • VDC Backup: fix occasional failure to delete backups on termination


Parent Account Now Displayed

Child Account Showing Partner

Child Accounts (Customers) can now change their Parent (Partner) Accounts

Partner Status Information is now availalbe

Partner Program Status

A new User type can now be managed via MyAccount. Standard Users and End Customers.

Standard Users can access all the functionality of MyAccount.

End Customers can view, manage, resize and purchase subscriptions but cannot see invoices, discounts, change profile information or manage users.

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