Zettagrid Blog MyAccount Release 75 (Ocean Beach) Notes

MyAccount Release 75 (Ocean Beach) Notes

13-Jun-2023 09:09:23 / by Nicholas Power

Ocean Beach Demark

Release 75 continues our development of Partner features. We have also added further automation for Zerto SecondSite DR.

New Features

  • Child Account List. Partners can view child accounts in MyAccount and request linking a new child account. See  https://account.zettagrid.com/account/partnerdetails 
  • New SecondSite Zerto Pairing token generation functionality in MyAccount. This allows MyAccount users to generate pairing tokens without requiring Zettagrid administrative assistance


  • Prevent long running processes blocking other users in MyAccount
  • Improve Child account naming
  • Ignore whitespace in partner lookup when attempting to associate an account with a Partner
  • Support vCloud 10.4.1 in VDC provisioning (in up coming releases)
  • Check if Veeam Backup Insider protection is enabled before looking for usage
  • Disconnect NSX-T edge when tombstoning VDCs

Bug Fixes

  • Improve User lockout to properly respect configured lockout time.
  • Correct minor MyAccount bugs:
    • Endless spinner on login page if already logged in
    • Unhelpful “Internal server error” if partner not found when creating account
    • Partner Request modal not displayed on second attempt
    • Correct subject for password reset generation notification (for other users)
    • Clean up new partner feature error handling and loading spinners

Image Credit - https://denmarkwesternaustralia.com/denmark-wa-travel-destinations/oceanbeach