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MyAccount Release 78 (Rockingham)

23-Nov-2023 05:00:00 / by Nicholas Power


Release 78 (Rockingham) introduces a range of new enhancements for both customers and partners.


  • Commit Term Discounts
  • Account Manager Display
  • Improvements to Partner Resources
  • Improvement to logged in Account and User display
  • Vault Object Storage Now Linked in the Catalog

Commit Term Discounts

We have always offered term commit discounts to customers but have never shown these discounts in MyAccount. We have now made this option available in the Zettagrid Catalog. Customers can select from Monthly (No Commit) to 60 Months and see the discount applicable. We have not yet enabled purchases of commit terms beyond 1 month online, so please contact sales@zettagrid.com or your account manager to purchase. 

Account Manager Display

Partners can now see their account manager’s name and email address in MyAccount.

Customers can also see their account manager and partner in MyAccount

For further information refer the Partner Resource Support page.

Improvements to Partner Resources

We have now added search and sort functionality to the partner resources files.

Other Improvements

  • Improve UI for login when following a direct download link.
  • Improve UI for sensitive actions on partner tab.
  • Improvement to logged in Account and User display in top menu bar.  
  • Added a link to Vault Object Storage on the Product menu under "Backup".

Image Credit - westernaustralia.com 

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