Zettagrid Blog MyAccount Release 79 (Sugarloaf Rock)

MyAccount Release 79 (Sugarloaf Rock)

23-Feb-2024 14:59:34 / by Keith Williams


Release 79 (Sugarloaf Rock) introduces significant management features for partners.


  • Child Account Access - Parent account users can access child accounts in MyAccount
  • Support for Veeam 12.1 and VCDA 5 / VCD 10.5
  • Account Manager Display improvements
  • Improvements to Commit Discount display in MyAccount

Child Account Access

Many Zettagrid Partners have multiple end user accounts on our platform. Prior to the release of Sugarloaf Rock, a partner had to maintain separate login credentials for each of their "child" (end customer) accounts. A Partner would need to log out and log into each customer child account to administer it. This proved very time consuming.

The Sugarloaf Rock release introduces seamless logins for partners to their child accounts.


How To:


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