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MyAccount Release 80 (Three Bears)

01-Jul-2024 16:32:29 / by Nicholas Power

image-png-Jul-01-2024-09-04-42-3373-AMThe Three Bears release of MyAccount now delivers deliver Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to all partners and their customers. These new user roles allow MyAccount administrators to assign more granular permissions to users based on their job functions. For example, an accounts payable user can now be limited to only view and pay invoices, but cannot edit virtual machines. In addition to these security features, we have also made improvements to the MyAccount UI and Child Account access for partners.

Role-Based Access Control

The Three Bears release introduces the following roles for MyAccount:

  • Standard MyAccount User (Default): The superuser with access to all functions.
  • Finance: Able to edit company details and pay invoices, but cannot purchase, configure, or administer subscriptions.
  • End-Customer: Intended for partner-operated accounts where the end customer can manage basic subscriptions. The "End-Customer" sees only RRP pricing and not partner pricing, including partner discounts.
  • Technical Administrator: Able to order, cancel, resize, and administer subscriptions, but cannot edit account or finance details.
  • Technical User: Able to administer subscriptions, but cannot order, resize, or cancel them.
  • Read Only: Can only view invoices and partner information.

For a full breakdown, refer to MyAccount User Roles


New Features

  • Role-Based Access: Enhanced user role management.
  • Support for Applying Contracts at Purchase: Ability to apply contracts during the purchase process.
  • Support for Usable Ordering of Bulk Subscriptions: Improved ordering process for bulk subscriptions.
  • VDC Backup Resize: Ensures VM count does not resize below current usage.


  • Account Manager Display: Improved with email, phone information, and hyperlinks.
  • Account Profile Pages: More consistent styling across pages.
  • General Partner Program Display: Enhancements for child accounts.
  • Child Accounts: Now display the parent partner account and partner access options on the partner tab.
  • Multiple Child Accounts Creation: When creating multiple child accounts in a row, the child account creation button is now hidden on child accounts.

Bug Fixes

  • Closed Plans Display: Correctly handles the display of closed plans.
  • Spinner Issue: Fixed the spinner that sometimes remained after adding an item to the order in MyAccount.
  • VPS Console: Fixed issues with the VPS console in some scenarios.
  • Service Detail Console Page: Resolved issues with start/stop/suspend/reset buttons not working.
  • Account Signup: Fixed occasional issues with loading country and state on account signup.
  • VPS Resize Storage Display: Corrected the VPS resize storage display issue and metrics display issue.


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