Zettagrid Blog MyAccount Release 62 (Bunker Bay) Notes

MyAccount Release 62 (Bunker Bay) Notes

07-May-2020 15:07:51 / by Nicholas Power

See below for the release notes for Release 62


  • 2-Step Authentication Support  
  • MyAccount NSX Network functionality removed. This functionality is now available in VMware Cloud Director
  • Geolocation will now set the default zone to user's location when purchasing a new service
  • NSX - Advanged Edge Quad-Large Firewall is now available to purchase


  • Account: Change VDC manage link for vCloud to default to new VMware Cloud Director HTML5 portal
  • VPS: Raise minimum RAM/Storage requirements for Microsoft Windows Server 2019 purchases
  • Account: Remove Network tab and support for Legacy NSX. Yay!


  • General Security improvements (clickjacking prevention, library updates)
  • We have implemented improvements to increase the reliability for some provisioning scenarios
  • Resizing VDC now allows zero Internet Traffic
  • Traffic usage tab not was not displaying all periods
  • Account: SS interzone now shows the protected VDC zone information
  • Account: Fix VDC internet usage bar
  • Account: Fix VDC VM reset functionality
  • Account: Bug - stuck calculating on multiple tab clicks

Upcoming Improvements

  • Price Per Zone
  • Email and password change notifications
  • Cool Archive Storage Tier
  • Veeam Recycle Bin / Insider Protection Feature
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