Zettagrid Blog Still managing your VMs individually? Manage them all at the same time with a VDC

Still managing your VMs individually? Manage them all at the same time with a VDC

24-Oct-2017 14:59:05 / by Liz Bingham

Managing multiple Virtual Machines (VMs) individually can become a time-consuming and tedious repetitive process.

Even if you are responsible for the management of a few virtual machines, repeating the same action multiple times is an inefficient use of your valuable time.

With Zettagrid’s Virtual Data Centre (VDC) offering you can manage all your VMware VMs and Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs) from a single portal. Take out all of the needless repetition and manage all of your VMs at the same time.

Traditional VM management solutions are limited

There are a few solutions in the market that allow you to manage VPGs, but the drawback with these is that often you can only manage a single VPG at a time.

Therefore, every change you make to one VPG needs to be manually repeated on every other VPG. If you have multiple VPGs you are back where you started using your time inefficiently performing the same task repeatedly.

You need a solution that enables you to manage all of your VPGs at the same time.

Zettagrid VDC gives you one portal to manage all your VMs

Zettagrid’s VDC solves the problem of managing multiple VMs by taking VM management up one level.

This gives you the ability to simultaneous control multiple VPGs and VMs at the same time and from one easy-to-use portal.

Zettagrid portal gets you up and running quickly and efficiently

The Zettagrid management portal is simple and easy to use.

Configuration only takes a few minutes so you can be up and running managing your VMs swiftly and efficiently.

For more advanced features Zettagrid’s VDC portal gives you access to VMware’s vCloud Director where you can take advantage of the API’s, vApp catalogue and the portability of services vCloud Director offers.

Manage your local VMware environment and cloud on one portal

Zettagrid’s portal is also capable of managing your local VMware environment which fully integrates with Zettagrid. This functionality gives you a single local management console where you can manage all your VM’s with ease and efficiency.

This console also gives you a holistic view of your entire VM infrastructure where you are able to monitor and subsequently manage all your VMs with real-time and historical metrics. This enterprise functionality gives you the ability to proactively identify any anomalies that are negatively affecting any area of VM environment and remediate the issue before it has a detrimental impact on your service levels and business.

Want to experience how easy it is? Check out a live demo.

No contracts to tie you in

All Zettagrid cloud services have no contracts which is a cornerstone of their cloud computing philosophy and the VDC portal is no different. You are not locked in so you have the freedom to end this service at any time.

This goes to show that Zettagrid believes in providing real value to you by ensuring their first-class service levels retain you as a customer and not some legal obligation.    

High-Availability is built-in

Disaster Recovery and High-Availability is a standard feature of Zettagrid’s VDC offering. Hardware fails from time to time and to ensure this never impacts you directly, should a hardware node ever fail, your virtual machines will be restarted on another node automatically with no user intervention required.


As you can see Zettagrid’s VDC is packed full of enterprise features that allow you to manage multiple VMs or VPGs from a single, easy-to-use portal.

In addition, you can control your local VMware environment and there are no contracts to lock you in.

Finally, disaster recovery and high-availability are part of the solution so you can have peace of mind that your services remain up no matter what may occur.

Find out how you can save more management time with Virtual Data Centre (VDC) powered by VMware.

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