Zettagrid Blog VDC Backup - Another Global First (Veeam + vCloud Director)

VDC Backup - Another Global First (Veeam + vCloud Director)

08-Aug-2019 15:26:47 / by Nicholas Power

We are pleased to announce the launch of VDC Backup today. The backup service is a global first and seamlessly integrates Veeam Backup and Recovery Enterprise Plus into VMware's vCloud Director. VDC Backup is fully automated and completely self-service.

Here is a general comparison between our existing backup product called ImageArchive and the new VDC Backup.


Continued Use of Image Archive

You can continue to use ImageArchive. This service will continue to be required for VPS and will continue to support Virtual Data Centres.

Migration From ImageArchive to VDC Backup

It is important to note that backup jobs are not transferable between ImageArchive and VDC Backup. New jobs need to be created in VDC Backup. We expect that you will create new jobs in VDC Backup and stop jobs on ImageArchive and you will likely keep historical ImageArchive backups for some time until they are aged out and then cancel the ImageArchive service.

End User Access

All VDC Customers will get a new option to in the vCloud Director portal from which they can order and manage the service.


The powerful granular functionality enables customers to manage all aspects of data backup and recovery.







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