Zettagrid Blog What does our VDC Datasheet mean?

What does our VDC Datasheet mean?

11-Jun-2018 21:46:53 / by Nicki Pereira


Zettagrid’s Virtual Data Centre solution is packed full of features.

These extensive features are described in our VDC Datasheet.

To help you better understand all the benefits you receive when you sign up for our Virtual Data Centre service, below is a list of the features and what each one offers you.


Service Name - Virtual Data Centre (VDC)
This speaks for itself. It is the name of the Zettagrid service detailed on this datasheet.

Designed Durability - 99.995%
The percentage shown is the service level target. In other words, the service level which Zettagrid guarantees Is 99.995% uptime in a given period. Should your Zettagrid VDC not meet this uptime commitment then you would be entitled to a rebate.

Email Support – Included
You can log support calls via email by sending an email to support@zettagrid.com

Phone Support – Included
You can log support calls over the phone by contacting Zettagrid support on 1300 597 656

Support Availability - 24×7
Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can provision a Zettagrid VDC in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth and set up a secondary site between these three centres.

Typical Provisioning Timeframe - 15 minutes
It takes approximately 15 minutes from the time you submit your online form request until your virtual server is ready to use.

Self Service Portal – Yes
The Zettagrid VDC comes with a self-service portal which you can use to configure, manage and monitor your virtual data centre services.

VMware vCloud Director Access – Yes
Zettagrid is configured with VMware vCloud Director Access which means if you are running VMware on your local private network you can easily extend it to a Zettagrid VDC and create a hybrid cloud.

Scale Resources Up/Down - 24×7
The Zettagrid VDC gives you the ability to increase your VM resources or decrease your VM resources at any time.

HA capacity for automatic recovery of failed hosts and VMs – Included
High-Availability (HA) is configured on Zettagrid hosts and VMs so should the underlying infrastructure hosting your service fail, it will be automatically restored by migrating it to another host.

Ability to provision custom sized VMs – Included
Most cloud service providers only allow you to provision VMs based on preselected configurations they have created. This is not the case with Zettagrid where you can provision your VM with the exact amount of computing resources (Processor, Memory etc.) you require.

Ability to hot-add NIC, memory, VMDK and vCPUs to running VMs – Included
At certain times you may need to add a virtual network card, virtual disk or virtual CPU to a virtual machine. Zettagrid gives you the ability to make these additions while the VM is still running which means no downtime.

Direct machine level console access – Included
As your virtual machine is running remotely most cloud service providers only give you remote access to the VM. Zettagrid gives you the ability to log on to the console directly via their self-service portal.

Max VMs Per VDC - 5000 VMs
The maximum number of virtual machines which can be hosted on a Virtual Data Centre is 5,000.

Max vCPU Per VM - 64 vCPU
The maximum number of virtual CPU’s a single virtual machine can be configured with is 64.

Max RAM Per VM - 512GB
The maximum amount of RAM memory a single virtual machine can be configured with is 512 Gigabytes

Max Size Per Virtual Disk - 62TB
The maximum size of any virtual disk hosted on a Zettagrid VDC is 62 Terabytes

OS Images Supported - 90+ Including Windows, Linux
The Zettagrid VDC supports up to 90 operating system images which means you can deploy any system you want including Windows and Linux

3rd Party Application Licences - Microsoft, Citrix, F5, Riverbed, Cisco, Trend, Redhat
Zettagrid also offers access to 3rd party applications which you can install on your virtual machine. These include applications from Microsoft, Citrix, F5, Riverbed etc. For a list of applications go here: https://account.zettagrid.com/catalog/product/configure/233/11

BYO Licence (Microsoft Licence Mobility) – Available
If you have existing Microsoft operating system licenses you can utilise these on Zettagrid virtual machines which will save you money on the licensing portion of the virtual machine’s subscription cost.

API Available - Yes RESTful API
The Zettagrid VDC service as a full RESTful API which allows you to programmatically access your VDC services and write code to manage these over the Internet.


Data Transfer

Internet Data Transfer – Ingress + Egress
The Zettagrid VDC allows access to the Internet from the VDC both inbound and outbound. This means you can access the Internet from your virtual machines and also publish services like web applications directly on the Internet.

Virtual Data Centre to Virtual Data Centre Data Transfer - No Charge
If you transfer data from one Virtual Data Centre to another Virtual Data Centre there is no charge which means you can transfer virtual machines, backups etc. between different VDCs you manage at no cost.

Intra Zone Data Transfer - No Charge
Should you need to transfer data from one Zettagrid zone to another, e.g. from Perth to Sydney, then there is no cost involved.

Dedicated Fibre into Zettagrid Data Transfer - No Charge
Should your organisation have a dedicated fibre connection which terminates in a Zettagrid data centre, there is no charge for data traversing this connection.



IPv4 Address – Available
Zettagrid Virtual Data Centres can provide you with external Internet-facing IPv4 address which means you are able to publish services and access these directly via the Internet.

VMware vShield Firewall – Included
VMware vShield is a group of networking and security products for virtualized IT infrastructures. All Zettagrid virtual machines come preconfigured with these products.

Private Subnets Supported – Multiple
On a virtual network you may need to partition segments for different roles or services or to restrict access. A Zettagrid VDC gives you the ability to partition your virtual network on a VDC into private subnets.

Multiple Private Subnets – Yes
A Zettagrid VDC gives you the ability to partition your virtual network on a VDC into multiple private subnets which you can use to segment your network for a variety of performance or security reasons.

Create Separate Networks for groups of VM’s – Yes
When subnetting a single network does not meet your requirements, Zettagrid gives you the ability to create multiple individual networks on a single VDC.

VLANs Supported – Multiple
A virtual LAN (VLAN) is any broadcast domain that is partitioned and isolated in a computer network. VLANs can be used to isolate different networks from each other to enforce security and enhance performance. The difference between a VLAN and a subnet is that VLANs allow you to create different logical and physical networks; whereas IP subnetting simply allows us to create logical networks through the same physical network.

Stretched Layer 2 extension from enterprise network to public cloud allows you to retain the same IP/MAC address, firewall/NAT rules – Available
If you want to create a connection from your on-premise network to a Zettagrid VDC you are able to do so at the lowest protocol layer ensuring a seamless connection, simple configuration and management as you are able to retain the same networking configuration.

BGP Integration – Available
BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) is protocol that manages how packets are routed across the internet. Should you need to integrate exterior routing services to your Zettagrid VDC you are able to do so via the BGP protocol.

Anycast Distributed Network Protection – Available
Anycast allows multiple, identical, globally deployed DNS servers to advertise the same IP address. This DNS configuration could be used as an attack vector to take services offline. Zettagrid has built-in protection to mitigate against this type of attack.

MPLS Network Integration – Available
Should you wish to connect your on-premise network to a Zettagrid via the MPLS protocol which in effect extends your network into your Zettagrid VDC, then you are able to do so.


Security and Compliance

PCI-DSS Compliant – Yes
Zettagrid VDC services are PCI-DSS compliant which means they comply to strict security standards set by the Payment Card Industry.

Data Sovereignty Guarantee – Yes
Data sovereignty is the concept that information which has been converted and stored in binary digital form is subject to the laws of the country in which it is located. Zettagrid guarantees that your data will be stored in Australia and as such subject to legislation protecting data in Australia.

Data Ownership Guarantee – Yes
Zettagrid explicitly guarantees that you retain ownership of all the data you create on a Zettagrid VDC.


Other Information

Partner Discounts – Available
Should you wish to partner with Zettagrid and resell their VDC service then partner discounts are available.

Any questions about our data sheet? Click here to download >>

Contact us to discuss the details of our data sheet and how they apply to your business.

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