Nicki Pereira

Nicki Pereira is the Chief Technology Officer of Zettagrid with over 20 years of experience in Australia’s Technology Industry. He works alongside industry experts to develop and deliver cutting-edge cloud hosting advancements, leading the way for innovative business and cloud solutions. Nicki helps lead his team to facilitate and deliver value, growth and creativity, producing on-demand infrastructure to the Australian market. Nicki has contributed widely to the success of Zettagrid and its operational diversity to any other organisation in Australia, offering fully automated Infrastructure-as -a-Service (IaaS) nationally.
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How to achieve amazing business resiliency

08-Nov-2017 15:23:40 / by Nicki Pereira posted in disaster recovery solutions, Cloud provider, Disaster recovery as a service, Disaster Recovery, DRaaS, Zerto, cloud disaster recovery, resilience, security, mobility, ExperienceAvailability

  Business resilience is a something that everyone knows the importance of, but most organisations fail to see its value until it's too late. However, as the digital landscape continues to evolve, it has become incredibly dangerous and foolhardy at best to maintain this mindset. Migrating everything to the cloud and making it somebody else's problem is not the silver bullet that many believed it...

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Achieving 100% Uptime. Is it possible?

31-Oct-2017 05:06:00 / by Nicki Pereira posted in availability, disaster recovery solutions, Australia, business security solution, Disaster Recovery, DRaaS, Zerto, Data, resilience, security, mobility, ExperienceAvailability

Try to imagine a large crowd of customers arriving at your business, only to find a closed sign and the shutters down. As you helplessly watch potential clients walking off into the distance towards your competitors, you could also be faced with the realisation that you are paying for your employees to sit idly at their desks. When entering damage control or making up for the lost time, the costs...

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