Zettagrid Blog Freedom of Location - Break free from your standard operating locale

Freedom of Location - Break free from your standard operating locale

27-Nov-2017 13:32:02 / by Liz Bingham

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Freedom is an undeniable human trait which has been burnt into our DNA. One only needs to look at history to see the many battles fought by humans to preserve their freedom or emancipate themselves from the yoke of oppression and control.

The cloud has produced business opportunities

The proliferation of the cloud has aided in evolving freedom through the creation of many different forms of communication platforms, operating processes and data storage.

This freedom and sense of global citizenship has unlocked a multitude of business opportunities which organisations can take advantage of. Being in the cloud empowers organisations to introduce efficiencies to its internal operations and market opportunities to its customers.

Zettagrid’s cloud platform allows you to easily make this move to the cloud by removing the complexity and security which plague other cloud services.

With a range of simple, affordable and easy to understand cloud solutions, Zettagrid is able to help you make the move to take advantage of the freedom the cloud has to offer.

Free your internal operations

Cloud-based services have enabled organisations to break free from their brick and mortar locales. With cloud-based messaging platforms, online document sharing solutions and remote access technologies, employees no longer need to be at the office to perform their duties.

Not only has this freedom enabled employees to work from anywhere creating a more productive and efficient organisation, this freedom has enabled organisations to contract with individuals who possess specialist skills in markets and locations they would have not ordinarily had access to before the proliferation of the Internet.

Organisations can now get the right skill when they need it without training internally and are no longer restricted to find the resources locally. This global talent pool is particularly relevant when needing to contract a rare specialist skill which is not readily available in the organisation’s current location.

With Zettagrid, you have a range of choice as to what suits your company and strategic objectives best – whether its public, private and hybrid cloud solutions Zettagrid tailors to your business needs.

Due to its flexibility and scalability, Zettagrid can help you repurpose your IT assets and align these with your human resource requirements giving you the opportunity to expand past your brick and mortar locations.

Think global

The availability of online cloud platforms, which have the necessary enterprise-grade performance and availability, have also enabled organisations to reach global markets. Business can now sell and market their products and services 24 hours a day to anyone anywhere.

Business hours have slowly faded into operational history as modern organisations find themselves needing to be online and available 24 x 7 x 365.

Although this ‘always open’ business model comes with an additional operational burden, the returns received from being able to trade in any market at any time of the day far outweigh the additional costs which this operating model requires.

Zettagrid platform’s purpose is to enable you to become an online global business. With its broad spectrum of cloud offerings, from virtual servers to disaster recovery and application hosting, the Zettagrid platform has everything you need to take the next step in becoming a global player.

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4 tips to help you make the transition

For organisations wishing to take advantage of the cloud and its global opportunities, here are a few tips for transitioning from a legacy ‘brick and mortar’ organisation to a modern online business.

1. Have a high availability plan

If your organisation makes the decision to be online and always available, the infrastructure and platform you have chosen to deliver this business model must be able to keep your promise. Organisations need to invest in platforms that guarantee a high availability for your services to ensure you are able to operate in an ‘always on’ fashion.

A single incident of prolonged down time or partial unavailability could lead to reputational harm and loss of revenues and customers. It is, therefore, a key consideration for organisations wishing to take advantage of online opportunities to partner with a service provider who has the skill, track record and capability to operate your online platforms and ensure any down time risk is mitigated.

Zettagrid has this risk covered with its Disaster Recovery solution. Built on high availability with redundant systems in multiple geographic locations, Zettagrid’s platform ensures you have this risk mitigated in your cloud transition plan.

2. Maximise efficiency

Being able to operate anywhere and at any time also creates organisational opportunities for increased efficiencies and lower costs. Organisations can now outsource non-essential services to online platform providers.

Email or online backups, for example, are a commodity as there is no competitive advantage in hosting your own email or managing your backups on site. In fact, organisations which have migrated their ‘commodity’ IT services to the cloud have freed up scarce resources to focus on driving organisational innovation and core business functions.

Organisations transitioning to this new paradigm should analyse their IT services and all non-core commodity services should be moved to online service providers. This will give organisations the freedom to focus on their key differentiating products and services which create their competitive advantage.

Zettagrid’s wide range of cloud solution offerings allows you to tailor the cloud to maximise your business’s unique efficiencies. With a choice of private, public or hybrid cloud services, Zettagrid is able to customise your cloud solution so you are able to extract maximum value from your IT assets and services.

3. Be more agile and adapt to change

Agility and the ability to adapt to change rapidly is a key requirement if an organisation is to survive in today’s modern online world. New services and platforms are coming online daily which provides opportunities to increase efficiencies, decrease costs or even reach new markets.

A modern organisation not only needs to be cognisant of these modern business dynamics, they also need to have systems and processes in place to provide them with the agility needed to make rapid changes to their business operational model.

To achieve agility one needs to achieve simplicity first. Zettagrid helps you achieve both by transforming your organisation into a cloud-ready business through relevant technology, better automation, and skilled resources to guide you in achieving simple agility.

4. Decide on the right technology partner

Creating an organisation which is not bound to a single geographic location is not only good business but essential for survival. Your competitors, both local and international, have already started encroaching on your established market.

To meet this challenge and take advantage of the opportunity cloud services have to offer, businesses should partner with an organisation which has the track record, skill, and experience to assist them.

Zettagrid is Australia’s most advanced self-service cloud platform and has the key features and the expertise you need to make your migration to the cloud a success.

Discover how Zettagrid cloud solutions can help you break free from an operating locale.

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