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Moving to Zettagrid Cloud. It’s as easy as 1-2-3

14-Feb-2018 11:16:46 / by Nicki Pereira

Zettagrid Virtual Data Centre. Simple Cloud Solutions.

Why Zettagrid Cloud

Zettagrid delivers Australia’s most advanced self-service cloud infrastructure platform and helps customers realise the true benefits of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), offering true cloud flexibility.

From a commercial standpoint, you don’t get locked into any contracts and from a technical standpoint, Zettagrid gives you the freedom to configure your environment exactly as you need it.

The Zettagrid platform operates in more data centres than any provider in Australia with the largest VMware cloud footprint. In addition, multiple availability zones in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Jakarta give customers regional flexibility and a fully redundant platform for peace of mind.

Although Zettagrid’s world-leading cloud service platform is packed with features, migrating to any of Zettagrid’s cloud services is also easy and straightforward.

To highlight this fact, below are some examples which illustrate how easy it is to get started with Zettagrid.


Getting started with the Zettagrid Product Catalogue

The Zettagrid Product Catalogue is an easy to use and intuitive interface where you can order and configure any number of Zettagrid cloud services.

This online service gives you the power to set granular requirements for virtual servers, a Virtual Data Center (VDC), a SecondSite Disaster Recovery and other services such as Veeam Cloud Backup and Replication.

Unlike other cloud service providers who force you to use predetermined virtual machine configurations, Zettagrid allows you to specify the virtual hardware settings of your services from the vCPU count to memory and storage. This freedom to choose gives you true flexibility as you can configure your Zettagrid services to match your requirements and budget. You simply configure your service and once you are ready click on the ‘Add to Order’ button.


Veeam Cloud Connect Replication to Zettagrid

To create a Veeam Cloud Connect replication service on Zettagrid you only need a Cloud Connect endpoint, a username and a password.

To configure the service, you simply log in to your account and then click on the security tab of the Cloud Connect replication service. Once the service has been provisioned by Zettagrid you can then setup the necessary using the dedicated Veeam Backup and Recovery console.

On the Veeam Backup and Recovery Console, you configure the service by selecting your service provider and deciding on the license cost, CPU, RAM and storage requirements. You then configure the host, resource pool, datastore, network and IP address of your Network Extension Appliance.

Once you have completed this, the service is rapidly provisioned for you. Quickly, easily and efficiently.


Zettagrid SecondSite for Disaster Recovery and High Availability

Zettagrid SecondSite, built on Zerto’s award-winning platform, is a powerful and affordable real-time business continuity replication solution which you can simply and easily integrate into your Disaster Recovery plan. In addition, you can opt to scale this service by extending your Disaster Recovery into a fully geographic redundant solution with SecondSite Interzone.

The Interzone replication service gives you the option to replicate your environment to any of Zettagrid’s replication zones in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or Jakarta giving you the peace of mind your environment is safe no matter what may occur.

Getting started with Zettagrid SecondSite involves following a simple 3-step installation and configuration process. First, you install the Zerto application in your environment.

You then open the local Zerto console and click on the ‘Sites’ tab and then on the ‘Pair’ link.

Finally, you select the radio option to ‘Pair a site with a license’ and enter the IP address supplied by Zettagrid. It really is as simple as 1-2-3.


Using VMware vCloud Director to create a Hybrid Cloud with a self-contained Zettagrid Virtual Data Centre

If you are already using VMware as your virtualisation platform you can rapidly and effortlessly transform your environment into a hybrid cloud by extending it to Zettagrid’s Virtual Data Centre offering.

To take advantage of this feature you simply download the VMware vCloud Director Extender. Once installed and configured you can use this VMware plugin to simply and efficiently view, copy and operate virtual machines, vApps and templates from your own VMware environment to Zettagrid.


Conclusion – It really is as easy as 1-2-3

From these few examples, you can clearly see that moving to a powerful Zettagrid cloud solution is a simple, efficient and effortless process.

Go to Zettagrid.com to get started.  It's as easy as 1-2-3.

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