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Modern businesses need agile IT Infrastructure

09-Jan-2018 09:00:00 / by Liz Bingham

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Customers have embraced the digital world

There’s no denying the fact that the digital revolution has had an immense impact on society and business. Digital disruption, as this phenomenon has been labelled, has unsettled the foundational fundamentals of doing business in every industry and in every market.

Customers today are digitally empowered and businesses need to embrace this opportunity and adapt rapidly if they are to survive.


Modern businesses need agility and flexibility

The digital world has empowered your customers and you should see this as an opportunity to strengthen your business by adapting your IT to the market forces at play. Customers can now source your products and services from a global market with the touch of a button or a click of a mouse.

To rapidly adapt to this new normal, businesses need an IT infrastructure which is agile, flexible and scalable.

Zettagrid’s Virtual Data Centre (VDC)is a solution platform built for the modern digital age.

Organisations which need to modernise their IT infrastructure should consider service oriented IT infrastructure models. Commoditising IT services and handing off non-core functions to Zettagrid, a skilled specialist service provider in IT modernisation, will enable you to rapidly evolve your IT and refocus your resources on core strengths and market differentiators.


Rapidly evolve your data centre

The age of digital disruption has created the need for faster IT innovation. Applications and services need to be enhanced and developed at a lightning pace to keep up with user demand and competitor onslaught.

The Zettagrid VDC is an effective, affordable and efficient cloud solution which has been built so you can transform your IT rapidly with effective and efficient cloud based solutions.

Zettagrid’s VDC has the ability to integrate into your existing VMware on-premises solution so you can tailor your modern IT infrastructure to your specific business requirements. You’re able to offer your customers and employees IT services which can be delivered via a public, private or hybrid cloud platform.


The need for flexible data centres that are scalable

The key to surviving and thriving in this time of digital disruption is business agility.

Businesses are only as agile as their IT infrastructure allows them to be. To reach the pinnacle of business agility you need a modern IT infrastructure which can deliver on this requirement.

Agility and flexibility have been baked into the Zettagrid VDC offering.

With features such as fully customisable VM sizing and no contracts, Zettagrid gives you the agility you need to deploy new services rapidly without the complexity surrounding cloud costing, networking and security. Zettagrid VDC scales with you as you grow – you only pay for what you need and use.


Modern infrastructure for rapid deployment

A flexible data centre needs modern infrastructure.

At the end of the day, IT’s primary organisational role is delivering relevant information through application services to its stakeholders. Often these application services need to be rapidly deployed and there is no time to procure hardware and software.

To rapidly deploy these application services, you need a modern infrastructure with immediate scalability built on the latest technology such as Zettagrid’s VDC.


Automate, automate, automate

Automating is the key ingredient to real agility. By automating repetitive processes business can adapt to change rapidly. Not only does automation free up human resources, a change in an automated process can be implemented and take effect immediately.

Integration is a critical dependency for automation as you need to integrate the moving parts of different systems into a single solution.

At Zettagrid, our mission is to transform organisations through technology and automation.

Leveraging the automation benefits Zettagrid VDC offers, businesses can innovate faster, gain more control over their environment, respond effectively to change, as well as streamline administrative functions and improving business process.


Lay the foundation for modern apps

As stated previously it’s all about the apps. A flexible, scalable data centre built on modern infrastructure with high levels of automation is the perfect platform for delivering modern apps to business stakeholders.

The Zettagrid VDC holds all the crucial elements needed for a modern data centre which has the flexibility and scalability you need built into its core architecture.

It has features other cloud providers struggle to deliver such as VM customisation, predictable billing, reduced complexity and Zettagrid is fully Australian owned and operated.


Zettagrid VDC has everything you need

For organisations who wish to survive the digital age, agility, flexibility and scalability are crucial IT infrastructure requirements.

Look no further than Zettagrid’s VDC which has all of these features and many more.

Discover how you benefit withZettagrid VDC.

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