Zettagrid Blog The top 5 reasons Zettagrid VDC is in a league of its own

The top 5 reasons Zettagrid VDC is in a league of its own

17-Oct-2017 11:36:03 / by Liz Bingham

Zettagrid Virtual Data Centre (VDC) is a unique offering which gives you the ability to manage all your VMware VMs from a single simple portal. Other solutions give you the ability to manage groups of VMs in Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs) but only Zettagrid’s VDC gives you the ability to manage all your VMs from a single portal whether they are in multiple VPGs or standalone.

The simple efficiency of a single portal is not the only reason Zettagrid’s VDC is the obvious choice for anyone managing multiple VMs.

There are a number of other benefits the Zettagrid VDC solution has to offer and here are the top five.

1. Build your VM the way you want it

Unlike other cloud providers Zettagrid’s VDC allows you to customise your virtual servers to almost any size using a variable configuration. You have the freedom to choose your server’s vCPU, memory, storage, network, licensing and location so you can configure your VM to your exact requirements. You no longer need to settle for VMs with more memory and storage than you absolutely need making this a particularly cost-effective and efficient VM solution.

2. Predictable billing

Other cloud providers bill you on resource usage based on IOPs, Reads/Writes, PUTs and GET’s and other similar granular measures.

With Zettagrid’s VDC you get a fixed monthly fee so you know exactly what your bill will be at the end of each month. This consistent billing experience will ensure you receive no more nasty surprises when your VM sends and receives more traffic or processes more data than you budgeted for.

3. Local data and local support without compromising on redundancy

Zettagrid’s VDC keeps your data in Australia so you no longer need to worry about data sovereignty issues that always accompany any decision involving your data and the cloud.

Even though all the data is resident in Australia, Zettagrid’s VDC boasts a geo-diverse redundant architecture with fully independent zones in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. This means your data is safe in the event of a local failure in one or even two of the Zettagrid VDC data centres.

4. Try before you buy

A 30-day trial gives you the opportunity to experience Zettagrid’s VDC at no cost. You can sign-up and experience the easy to use interface, the performance of the Zettagrid VDC VMs and the freedom of configuring your VMs as you see fit.

Furthermore, there are no contracts so should you sign up for this service you are never locked in by a contract and can leave at any time. This feature illustrates the belief Zettagrid has in their VDC and other cloud offerings.

5. Backups and Replication options to protect you

The Zettagrid VDC solution comes with a range of backup and replication options which ensure your data is protected in the event of a data loss event. In the event of a hardware failure at a local node your VM or VMs will automatically restart on a new node without any user intervention ensuring your VM and critical applications stay up and available.


Zettagrid’s VDC is a unique cloud offering that gives you agility, flexibility and simplicity while ensuring no compromise on features and quality.

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