VMware Cloud on AWS - Now Available!

November 28, 2018 02: 41 PM
Zettagrid today announced it will provide customers with a managed services offering for VMware Cloud on AWS through their Australian Channel Partners, and has achieved the VMware Cloud on AWS...
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How to back up your VDC simply with Zettagrid

September 12, 2018 10: 30 AM
Why we need to backup In a world where all information is stored electronically, it is critical to have duplicate copies of your most important data safely and securely stored in a remote location....
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What does our VDC Datasheet mean?

June 11, 2018 09: 46 PM
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How do you protect your business with geo-diverse availability zones?

May 09, 2018 10: 07 PM
Downtime can happen at any time: Be prepared IT system downtime can happen at any time and for a variety of reasons ranging from user error to a region-wide natural disaster. Every business operating...
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30 Days Free SecondSite Now Available

May 01, 2018 08: 00 AM
Our latest promotion enables Australian businesses to protect their data with 30 days of free disaster recovery for three Virtual Machines with up to 1TB of storage per machine.
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Experience Zettagrid at no cost

April 04, 2018 01: 11 PM
We believe that Zettagrid is Australia’s most advanced self-service VMware cloud hosting platform that’s easy to use, super scalable and highly available.
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Zettagrid - We’re all about automation

March 27, 2018 08: 59 AM
An automated IT environment is a mature environment
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As-A-Service Summit VIC 2018

March 14, 2018 08: 45 AM
We are pleased to be a sponsor for the upcoming As-A-Service Summit VIC 2018 hosted by Forefront Events in Melbourne this month. 
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How to monitor your infrastructure with real-time metrics

March 09, 2018 08: 28 AM
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How scalable licensing and infrastructure benefits your business

February 28, 2018 03: 31 PM
Scalability = Operational Flexibility Scalability is a systems characteristic which enables a platform hosting a system to automatically muster additional computing resources as the system workload...
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