MyAccount Release 78 (Rockingham)

23-Nov-2023 05:00:00

Release 78 (Rockingham) introduces a range of new enhancements for both customers and partners. Summary Commit Term Discounts Account Manager Display Improvements to Partner Resources Improvement to logged in Account and User display Vault Object Storage Now Linked in the Catalog Commit Term Discounts We have always offered term commit discounts to customers but have never shown these discounts...}

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MyAccount Release 77 (Quinns Rocks) Notes

11-Oct-2023 05:04:00

Release 77 continues our development of Partner features with a new key feature of MyAccount now providing access to partner content. New Features Partner Resource Downloads: Zettagrid partner content (price books, logos, product brochures, branding, presentations, security certificates) can now be accessed from within MyAccount. Improvements for provisioning for VPS and no-gateway style VDC's....}

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MyAccount Release 75 (Ocean Beach) Notes

13-Jun-2023 09:09:23

Release 75 continues our development of Partner features. We have also added further automation for Zerto SecondSite DR. New Features Child Account List. Partners can view child accounts in MyAccount and request linking a new child account. See New SecondSite Zerto Pairing token generation functionality in MyAccount. This allows MyAccount users...}

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MyAccount Release 74 (Naturaliste) Notes

12-Apr-2023 17:47:04

Release 74 is specifically designed for Partners. Several of the new features are ideal if you manage multiple customer accounts and also if you want to give limited access to end customers to login to their account. New Features Added Support for Parent/Child Accounts (aka Partners/Customers). Accounts now display the Parent Account and Partner Tier in MyAccount. Customers can choose their...}

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MyAccount Release 73 (Meelup) Notes

15-Mar-2023 15:05:36

New Features Supports New End-Customer security roles for MyAccount users (Different views for Customers and Zettagrid Partners) Resizable Promo codes. If a promotion code is set to “resizable” customers can resize their subscription while on a promo code without immediately reverting to paid plan Default to new VMware NSX-T Provisioning (Was VMware NSX-V) Improvements VPS resize validation...}

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MyAccount Release 72 (Leeuwin) Notes

10-Oct-2022 12:09:05

Summary Release 72 (Leeuwin) and Release 71 (Kalbarri) are combined in this announcement. Veeam Insider Protection can now be purchased from the MyAccount portal and a range of improvements and bug fixes have been introduced. Features Support automated purchase and management of Veeam Insider Protection options on Veeam Cloud Connect Backup. (71) Improvements Improve validation of partner code on...}

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Veeam Insider Protection Now Available

07-Jul-2022 16:00:26

I'm pleased to announce that Veeam Insider Protection (VIP) is now available for Zettagrid customer backups. Veeam Insider protection adds a "recycle bin" to your Veeam Backups (VCCB) to protect against accidental or malicious deletion of backups. In some situations, keeping primary or additional backups in a Zettagrid cloud repository may be not enough to ensure data security. The backed-up data...}

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MyAccount Release 70 (Jurien) Notes

07-Jul-2022 13:46:41

Summary Release 70 (Jurien) provides several major enhancements to the Zettagrid MyAccount Portal, specifically the display of Virtual Data Centres. Here is the full list of new features. Features Service Details Display Refresh - new layout, more relevant information, more info about VMs in VDC display including power, disk allocation, backup & replication status, and VMWare tools. Improved...}

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StarHub and Zettagrid sign Cloud Teaming Agreement

16-May-2022 14:58:06

We are pleased to announce that StarHub and Zettagrid has signed a teaming agreement for the deployment of Cloud solutions for StarHub business customers in Singapore. The Zettagrid service provides StarHub with a comprehensive range of on-demand cloud services including Veeam backup, disaster recovery and VMware private and hybrid cloud environments. Starhub customers will be able to now combine...}

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VMware App Launchpad Released

23-Feb-2022 11:31:19

VMware App Launchpad is now available for free on Zettagrid. App Launchpad provides a catalogue of deployment-ready applications from Bitnami for developers and IT engineers. You can now log into Zettagrid Cloud Director and deploy the latest application builds in minutes. Watch the video below to see how easy it is. I hope you enjoy this free new feature. You can read more on how to get started...}

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