Zettagrid Appointed Zerto Aggregator in APAC

09-Jul-2024 08:44:23

We are excited to announce that Zettagrid has been appointed as a new Zerto aggregator in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region! This significant development highlights our commitment to empowering our partners by extending our cloud licensing portfolio for partners. Our partnership program, already offers licensing aggregation for Broadcom (VMware) under the Technology Tier, now extends these benefits...}

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MyAccount Release 80 (Three Bears)

01-Jul-2024 16:32:29

The Three Bears release of MyAccount now delivers deliver Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to all partners and their customers. These new user roles allow MyAccount administrators to assign more granular permissions to users based on their job functions. For example, an accounts payable user can now be limited to only view and pay invoices, but cannot edit virtual machines. In addition to these...}

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Zettagrid Awarded DELL Platinum Partner Status

14-Jun-2024 14:44:17

We are delighted to announce that Zettagrid has been awarded DELL Platinum Partner status. Our cloud environment is powered by DELL certified infrastructure, and we utilise DELL APEX to deliver scalable private clouds tailored to meet our customers' needs.}

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Zettagrid Acquires VMware Cloud Assets of DC Two From Adisyn Ltd

01-May-2024 20:25:09

Zettagrid Pty Ltd (www.zettagrid.com) announces the acquisition of the VMware cloud assets of DC Two from Adisyn Ltd (ASX:AI1) The transaction is the 9th acquisition of cloud and networking assets that Zettagrid has completed since commencing business in 2010, helping the business to achieve significant growth in the APAC region. Adisyn will receive cash consideration of up to $1.4 million...}

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Broadcom by VMware White Label Offer

30-Apr-2024 16:31:00

In late December 2023, Broadcom Inc completed their acquisition of VMware, leading to significant changes in the VMware product landscape, reseller and cloud hosting programs. This acquisition has resulted in a new approach, with all perpetual licensing transitioning to a subscription model. Additionally, there are now new limitations on who can sell VMware licenses and host VMware workloads. If...}

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MyAccount Release 79 (Sugarloaf Rock)

23-Feb-2024 14:59:34

Release 79 (Sugarloaf Rock) introduces significant management features for partners. Summary Child Account Access - Parent account users can access child accounts in MyAccount Support for Veeam 12.1 and VCDA 5 / VCD 10.5 Account Manager Display improvements Improvements to Commit Discount display in MyAccount Child Account Access Many Zettagrid Partners have multiple end user accounts on our...}

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MyAccount Release 78 (Rockingham)

23-Nov-2023 05:00:00

Release 78 (Rockingham) introduces a range of new enhancements for both customers and partners. Summary Commit Term Discounts Account Manager Display Improvements to Partner Resources Improvement to logged in Account and User display Vault Object Storage Now Linked in the Catalog Commit Term Discounts We have always offered term commit discounts to customers but have never shown these discounts...}

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MyAccount Release 77 (Quinns Rocks) Notes

11-Oct-2023 05:04:00

Release 77 continues our development of Partner features with a new key feature of MyAccount now providing access to partner content. New Features Partner Resource Downloads: Zettagrid partner content (price books, logos, product brochures, branding, presentations, security certificates) can now be accessed from within MyAccount. Improvements for provisioning for VPS and no-gateway style VDC's....}

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MyAccount Release 75 (Ocean Beach) Notes

13-Jun-2023 09:09:23

Release 75 continues our development of Partner features. We have also added further automation for Zerto SecondSite DR. New Features Child Account List. Partners can view child accounts in MyAccount and request linking a new child account. See https://account.zettagrid.com/account/partnerdetails New SecondSite Zerto Pairing token generation functionality in MyAccount. This allows MyAccount users...}

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MyAccount Release 74 (Naturaliste) Notes

12-Apr-2023 17:47:04

Release 74 is specifically designed for Partners. Several of the new features are ideal if you manage multiple customer accounts and also if you want to give limited access to end customers to login to their account. New Features Added Support for Parent/Child Accounts (aka Partners/Customers). Accounts now display the Parent Account and Partner Tier in MyAccount. Customers can choose their...}

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